Expert Property Shop | Report A Repair
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Report A Repair

How to report a repair?


To report a repair please use our online repair reporting system using the link.


If your repair is of an emergency nature then you should contact us by telephone:



An emergency repair is defined as where there is a detrimental risk to the occupants of the building or the fabric of the building.


When a repair request has been received we shall confirm this by sending a copy of the details to the e mail address sent with the repair submission.

What happens next?

  • we will review the details of the repair.

  • we shall confirm the landlord is responsible for the repair.

  • we shall allocate a category to the repair based on the information you provide.

  • we will endeavour to remedy the repair in line with the timescales for the particular category.

Please be aware that the successful completion of a repair within the timescales detailed below is dependent upon the landlord giving approval for the repair and a suitable contractor being available to do the work.

Category Criteria What happens next?
Emergency Repairs Any fault where there is a detrimental risk to the occupants of the building or the fabric of the building Make safe within 24-hours or as soon as is practically possible
Centro comercial MoctezumaUrgent Repairs A fault that relates to the: fabric of the building, water supply, gas supply, electrical installation, sanitation and bathroom fittings, heating & hot water supply, and makes the building uninhabitable Repair to be carried out within three working days
Non Urgent Repairs Any other fault Repair to be carried out usually within 20 working days
For a detailed copy of our guide for landlords and a breakdown of our fees please contact us now.